Atzaro Fashion Festival

For the first time in my life I was ashamed with my Nikon D3200. I fully felt it’s limitations when I raised the ISO at 1600, opened maximum aperture,  fixed time to a minimum and the photos were dark.  If I go with ISO over 800 the photos have a lot of noise but this never bothered me before. I looked at my coworkers  photos and they were all so bright and colourful! AAAA!

But the Atzaró Fashion Show was great! I love that place. I think that is my magic place in Ibiza.

Atzaró gave up the amazing SPA and its spaces to the most innovative in style designers giving it a mix between nature and urban art. The intention is to situate Ibiza as the center of independent fashion of the European vanguard.

I can’t wait for the next show on July 28th. Entrance free!


June 30th  the Atzaro Fashio Show started at 21:00 .

Designers: Beatrice San Francisco, Coco Riko & Ibiza Soul, La La Land swimwear, Sacred Love Child, Reina & Roses , Ibiza Boheme ,with Italian for Italy & It Girls  came on stage.
Art exhibitions held by Agnes Cartairade lindaNaili. 

I usually don’t process my photos but these were really dark and noisy so I used again the Perfect Photo Suite 9 software that I tested a little for the previous article too. A true help nowadays and pretty easy to use and fun. I wish I had more time to test it.

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