Tivoli World

I won’t go again. Or maybe  I’ll go on 3rd of April when they’ll have an open gates day. The entrance is 7.95 euros and then you have to pay for a bracelet with unlimited entrance, at the most boring attractions, another 15 euros and surprise, if you want to enjoy the best of Tivoli World you’ll have to pay another 3 or 5 euros per attraction. So, pretty expensive for a place that was a little rusty for its inauguration. Oh, and even it’s not all opened yet they charge full price. If you buy your tickets online you’ll have up to 21%discount.
Keep in mind that if you go with your child you’ll have to buy a bracelet for you too. Small kids are not allowed alone in almost all the attractions.
My baby had a lot of fun, it was her first amusement park and she really enjoyed it. I’m not sorry that  we went today. She did had a great day.

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