Ses Balandres – Ibiza secret beach

One of the most beautiful and intense trail that I have done since I’m in Ibiza. The path is difficult, because you have to go down a dizzying cliff where fishermen have installed a wooden stair and ropes to facilitate the descent. It’s not dangerous but tiring, for the most of us. It will take you more or less 45 minutes to descent and 60 minutes to climb back ( with photos ).

I’ve tried to make a lot of photos for you too see that it worth all the effort. The first two are from a little higher point not from the trail.

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The islets that look like a dragon are the Ses Margalides.

How to get here:
Ses Balandres is in the north of the island. Park your car in the parking across Can Cami in Santa Agnes. Take the road Pla de Corona for 400 m, until you find on the right an old well then take the dirt road up the hill near the well. After you leave the houses behind you’ll find a stone fence, go right, keep the big path, it will lead you through the forest and then it will become smaller and smaller but still recognizable until the shore.
Don’t forget to bring food and a lot of water.
Remember Ses Balandres it’s not for those who are afraid of heights or in a good shape.
Ses Balandres beach is only for the adventurous ones!



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