Mercadillo de Sant Jordi

Every Saturday since 1995 in El Mercadillo de Sant Jordi you may find second hand clothes, books, magazines, furniture, flowers, fruits, toys, music and lovely people.

The Sant Jordi market it’s a place to bargain, socialize and have a good time.

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El mercadillo de San Jordi is open from 9 to 15.00 and is always very crowded, even in extra seson.

How to get to Sant Jordi Market :

It’s ¬†easy. Take the road from Ibiza to the Airport, in the village of Sant Jordi you’ll see on the left the Hip√≥dromo Sant Jordi parking, there you can leave your car for free.
Inside the Hippodrome is the market.

More info about Sant Jordi mercadillo you may find on their website:





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