If you have in plan to visit Ibiza you’ll sure come across over several articles that will tell you about the other side of the island.  About the wild, natural, less exploited area of Ibiza, the North coast, the one with crystal clear water, cliffs, forests, savage landscapes, about the Portinatx area.
As we have just returned from there I have to tell you too how different and beautiful it’s this part of Ibiza, actually, show you.
In these photos you’ll see a small beach that is not on the map, an unofficial nudist Ibiza spot, not very easy to reach but worth the effort if you want to escape the crowds. And if you’re feeling adventurous you may walk to the highest Lighthouse in the Balearics. I didn’t. I wanted but I took the spooky forest trail not the dangerous cliff trail and somehow I managed to get lost, the sun was almost gone so I decided that is better to come back another day.

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