Ibiza Stonehenge and Magic doors

The biggest solar watch in the world is here, in Ibiza, and I’ve just seen it! Some call it Ibiza’s Stonehenge but it’s real name is Time and Space, named and built by the artist Andrew Rogers.

It’s an impressive monument in front of Guy Laliberté’s villa in Ibiza. It consists of 13 monoliths, the highest is over 20 metres and adorned with 23 carat gold to reflect the sun. The monument received national attention in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, after Guy Laliberté received a record breaking fine for building it without permission.

Gossip 1: it has strong magnetic vibrations

Gossip 2: it’s built to guid UFOs

Tip 1: Go there at sunset.

The magic door is in the left of the monument, follow the trail.  Actually there are 2 doors, I don’t know which one is the magic one, try them both!  I did and I had a real good time, nothing magical but still it was fun.

Tip 2: Go with Walking Ibiza.


These photos were processed using the Perfect Photo Suite 9 software. With some of them I played a little to much, I know! Maybe one day I will try a different style.




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