Nica Canica

One day, a lucky day, I met these two funky, lovely girls in the Hippie Market!
They sell a lot of funny, crazy things that I would gladly wear tomorrow, oh, what a long wishlist I have for me and Lettie.

They are always smiling, kind, worm and friendly. I wanted to take their pictures from the first second that I met them without any precise purpose. I’m so glad that they accepted with joy and they just have been themselves in front of the camera. Thank you!

Soon it will be an interview with them here.

I have to thanks these girls also for inspiring me in creating a new project that will start with this post. I’m so excited about this, I don’t even have a name for it but I know that I want to do this again with other great people.
Ibiza is made of really nice, creative people and I want to show this other face to the world.

You can find Nica Canica in Las Dallias market, Hippie Market Es Canar, online on FaceBook and Instagram.


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