Ibiza Artist Eugenia Borboleta

Eugenia Borboleta is an artist, a designer specialized in recycling, a teacher, an expert in inequality, cooperation and development, an intercultural mediator and a great mother.



I wanted to show you her work and tell you a couple of words about her ‘couse she is special!

She gives a new life to things that people throw away, and she is very good at this. She transforms a shirt into a toy, a newspaper into a frame, a bottle into a beautiful vase… she creates her own paper, she paints and she sketches…Just look!

She is a woman who knows what she wants, what she likes and how to do it. She is a mother who needs time for her, like all of us, so she is also the  initiator of the project called Time Bank*. Remember my post about Summer solstice in Ibiza? That was our first meeting.

She also loves to share from her knowledges – yoga, parenting, music, rituals, spiritual awareness.

Eugenia Borboleta is great, the really easy to love kind.


*Time Bank Ibiza is a project for mothers based in Ibiza. The idea is to create a big group of moms, to get to know each other good, to trust each other, so when we need that time just for us we can announce the group and someone can take care of our child, to exchange time. Our group now is called La tribu me cuida, nice no? And is active.

** here you can find Eugenia’s personal blog. Face to face you can meet her at Art Gallery Uttopia, Santa Eulalia exit to Es Canar, from Friday to Sunday, in the evening.



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