Flamenco Shoot in Marbella

After the shoot I’ve asked Mary to tell me a little about her.

Mary: I’m Mary Marsh and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I work in the Human Resources profession and it’s very rewarding to me because I’m passionate about encouraging people to find purpose in their careers. I’m also writing a book about how important it is to do what you love, both in your work and personal life.

Me: Can you tell me something about Traveling Solo? I would love to hear a story from your travels.

Mary: One of the things I love to do is travel. I’ve been taking trips solo for a long time; it’s very empowering for me to explore different places. Although some women are apprehensive about traveling alone, I realize that if I hadn’t ventured out on my own, I would have missed out on a lot of amazing experiences along the way.  Since many women are nurturers, they tend to think that doing something for themselves is selfish. In reality, when you are empowered, you are a stronger version of yourself and your energy will inspire others.

A Story about my travel: The most challenging trip for me was the first time I traveled abroad, from Los Angeles to Southern Spain in 2014. After I got settled in my hotel room, I took a walk along the beach. As I wiggled my toes in the Mediterranean and looked out across the sea, I thought to myself, “I’m a long way from home”! I felt all kinds of emotions, including a bit of fear.  But minutes later, all I could feel was the thrill and freedom of getting to explore a new place. It was a wonderful trip; that’s why I returned again two years later!  On this visit to Marbella, I’ll get a chance to experience Noche de San Juan – how exciting it is to learn about different celebrations and cultures!

Me: What’s your recommendation to women who want to travel solo?

Mary: If you haven’t traveled alone before, start small.  Take a short trip close to home so that you can get comfortable with being on your own.  Also, do careful research on the places you want to visit. Although traveling along can be very empowering, remember that you will be accountable for every detail of your trip; from keeping your passport and finances secure to dealing with unexpected things that might come up. Wherever you go, trust your instincts and stay connected to people at home. Lastly, be sure to check out various websites that offer travel and safety tips to women who travel solo. Bon Voyage!

Did you ever traveled alone? Share your experience with me.

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