10 tips to rent an apartment or a house in Ibiza


Everyone is looking for an apartment in Ibiza these days. It’s a year like no other they say.
We found ours after a 10 days search. It took us so much because we have a dog and almost all the adds where with “no mascotas”.

What we did and recommend you to do the same:

1. Decide on the area you want to live, the island is indeed small and you can move easily from one part to another but when is full season it’s not so easy anymore. Also some cities are more party friendly as Ibiza and San Antoni and some more family kind as Santa Eulalia, Santa Gertrudis, San Jordi.

We choose Santa Eulalia because we have a baby and a dog, the beach is close, the town is lived all year and you can find all you need in it’s surroundings.

2. Buy a spanish phone no. I noticed that they answer more often if they see a spanish no.

3. Start your search on the street, look for the adds on the balconies and call.

4. Ask people on the street if they know someone who rents and talk to the doormen, they know everything that moves in the building. You’ll find for sure a lot of nice people! Don’t be shy. All the people we encountered were very kind and willing to help.

5. Read the newspapers – Diario de Ibiza and  De Todo en Ibiza- you can find them in bars. Drink a coffe, read the newspaper and call the no. in the adds. We did this at Que tall in Santa Eulalia because a person on the street recommended us.

6. Call between 10-12 and after 18.

7. Put your add at supermarkets and in bars, where they allow this.

8. Stay with the eyes on FB pages like Ayuda en Ibiza – https://www.facebook.com/AyudaenIbiza

9. Join these FB Pages – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1483767475203053/



10. Ask the Island to help you!

Good luck! If you are meant to be here you will find your place!

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Ibiza here we are!


Finally we did the move and we are very happy about it. Until now everything went very smooth and fun.


We started our adventure on 15th of February from Bucharest, Romania. First stop was in Belgrad, Serbia. The second day we slept in Mestre, Italy ( very close to Venice). The third stop was in France in a very small village Le cannet des Maures and the last night on the road was in Spain, in  Saint Carles de la Rapita.

On 19th February we took the ferry – Balearia- from the beautiful city of Denia. After 4hours on the angry sea we finally arrived in Ibiza.

For the first nights we stayed at Alfredo, a very friendly guy with a nice country house in Santa Eulalia. If you want to stay at his place you can book him by Airbnb.com. It’s a quiet place, very close to Santa Eulalia centre but also with the felling that you are in the country.  We enjoyed our stay there very much.


Then we moved to Yuca house – a place where we felt like home. Yuca is the warmest person ever! She received us with her arms open and a genuine smile.  She is a very hard working woman but she also makes time for her guests if they need something. Now we think about her as a friend so I will gladly recommend her house if you want to stay in nature and have a different Ibiza experience. The house is not very far from Ibiza town but is not walking distance. If you have a car or rent one ( you can rent it from Yuca) you will have no problem to see the island.


Both Alfredo and Yuca tried to help us with the apartment search but finally we found it in the newspaper – Diario de Ibiza. More about this in the next post.


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Festive and chic holiday sweaters


With the holiday season officially upon us, the time has come to strengthen and fortify that most important of Christmas items—the festive sweater. So hard to find a way to wear them without looking too ugly or too hipstery :)

Luckily, I did some research on ASOS, not too easy but I found  a number of sweaters that can be classified as festive, but remain distinctively stylish.

Here are my festive and chic holiday sweaters.

christmas sweaters cracoun image4xxl craciun3 craciun2 craciun1


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Ibiza – 4 month countdown


Only four month until we meet again dear Ibiza! I count,  plan and  dream about you.
How can I not?


This is from the first day we met.


My favorite chill out place on the island.


The perfect bathing spot.

Same place from above.


Beautiful trail to Santa Eularia.


Atlantis – a fascinating place.


The mystical island Es Vedra.





Old town Ibiza streets.


Ibiza, Es Canar, apartment view.


Hippy Market, Es Canar, Ibiza






Meanwhile we started to learn Spanish with Coffee break Spanish, joined Ibiza Winter Residents on FB and follow all the interesting Ibiza pages that I could find, read the magazines and newspapers. I’m also looking for rental adds and daydreaming about some of the houses that I see.

In another train of thoughts I almost finished the first step to become a professional photographer, I’m pretty proud and excited the same time! So, next time you’ll see pictures of Ibiza on this page they will have been made by a professional :)).

Hasta pronto!




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Kensaku Tenshi collection – New Funky Fashion By Stefan Musca


New Funky Fashion By Stefan Musca proudly announces the launch of Kensaku Tenshi collection  ( 検索天使 – the angel quest)  available online on www.nff.ro starting with the 10th of November 2014.

Stefan Musca distinguished himself in the Romanian fashion market as a explorer, a designer with widen horizons, whose artistic visions become statements and fascinating stories. His patterns, cuts, incredible technique become fantastic plots in stories situated between art and commercial design with a triumphant result – o story of a post – apocalyptic nipon, romantic in thought but still dramatic and powerful.

New collection by Musca was born from the idea of a far away imaginary land, a dark kingdom in decay counting its last breaths, collecting its legends from millions of broken glass pieces , a land of apocalypse.











For the Kensaku Tenshi collection, Stefan Musca used denim, cotton, silk, natural and ecological leather for the 20 outfits presented.


Designer: Stefan Musca
Photo: Vali Barbulescu
Styling: Delia Tudose
MakeUp: Diana Ionescu
HairStyle: Claudiu Alex Sarghe

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Contemporary designer jewelry fair Autor12


Exquisite hand crafted jewelry  was on show during this weekend at Autor 12  Fair. Standout pieces included black diamonds rings, golden crowns, silver brooches stitched in floss silk thread, silver bracelets and rings with colorful thread sewn on, wood, concrete  and resin rings.

These are my favorite pieces:


















The designers behind these beauties are:

Corina Fakesch – www.corinajewelrydesign.de

Andreea Mogosanu -www.moogu.ro

Iza Visoianu – facebook.com/eneada.design

Irina si Alex – www.buzztard.ro

Amira Jalet – facebook.com/amira.jalet

Rodica Richard

Paul Popa -facebook.com/paulpopaaccessories

Polina Dimitrova – facebook.com/pages/Polina-Dimitrova


Lovely fair! Good job designers, you are very talented!


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Six Month Ibiza Moving Planning Countdown!


Only six month remained until our new Ibiza adventure I do not know if it’s normal but I already began thinking about what should I bring with me there.  A thing that got stuck to my head from my last visit to Ibiza is that I need a new pair of boots. I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing boots in the summer, I think it’s a must have there! So, first thing on my list – a new pair of boots!

Of course I started my search for my perfect Ibiza boot in Mihaela Glavan online shop. I just love her!  I immediately found a few good models to save in my wishlist, some of them are in my dreams for more than a year and some are from her latest collection.

972224b5fc3e2c9a5c173927eb000795 c93ed5b642b7cce5ab4d6d37069ae70f

6a27b51c3ac16c7a6ca021ae9cac6b45 26e798c92125fe8582756424bb1be422

Now I only have to wait for sales :) !


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Marie Ollie dress


This dress is so… me! Love it! 10450940_1459372607636413_4254470583937470959_n What’s your favorite Marie Ollie dress?  You should check their latest collection, it’s fabulous! Share a link from their page with your pick for me to see it. I’m curious to see what you like. I’m sure that I will post on my wishlist at least two other dresses made by them. Stay tuned! Here is their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/marieollie Their website is not ready yet.

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