Festive and chic holiday sweaters


With the holiday season officially upon us, the time has come to strengthen and fortify that most important of Christmas items—the festive sweater. So hard to find a way to wear them without looking too ugly or too hipstery :)

Luckily, I did some research on ASOS, not too easy but I found  a number of sweaters that can be classified as festive, but remain distinctively stylish.

Here are my festive and chic holiday sweaters.

christmas sweaters cracoun image4xxl craciun3 craciun2 craciun1


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Ibiza – 4 month countdown


Only four month until we meet again dear Ibiza! I count,  plan and  dream about you.
How can I not?


This is from the first day we met.


My favorite chill out place on the island.


The perfect bathing spot.

Same place from above.


Beautiful trail to Santa Eularia.


Atlantis – a fascinating place.


The mystical island Es Vedra.





Old town Ibiza streets.


Ibiza, Es Canar, apartment view.


Hippy Market, Es Canar, Ibiza






Meanwhile we started to learn Spanish with Coffee break Spanish, joined Ibiza Winter Residents on FB and follow all the interesting Ibiza pages that I could find, read the magazines and newspapers. I’m also looking for rental adds and daydreaming about some of the houses that I see.

In another train of thoughts I almost finished the first step to become a professional photographer, I’m pretty proud and excited the same time! So, next time you’ll see pictures of Ibiza on this page they will have been made by a professional :)).

Hasta pronto!




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Kensaku Tenshi collection – New Funky Fashion By Stefan Musca


New Funky Fashion By Stefan Musca proudly announces the launch of Kensaku Tenshi collection  ( 検索天使 – the angel quest)  available online on www.nff.ro starting with the 10th of November 2014.

Stefan Musca distinguished himself in the Romanian fashion market as a explorer, a designer with widen horizons, whose artistic visions become statements and fascinating stories. His patterns, cuts, incredible technique become fantastic plots in stories situated between art and commercial design with a triumphant result – o story of a post – apocalyptic nipon, romantic in thought but still dramatic and powerful.

New collection by Musca was born from the idea of a far away imaginary land, a dark kingdom in decay counting its last breaths, collecting its legends from millions of broken glass pieces , a land of apocalypse.











For the Kensaku Tenshi collection, Stefan Musca used denim, cotton, silk, natural and ecological leather for the 20 outfits presented.


Designer: Stefan Musca
Photo: Vali Barbulescu
Styling: Delia Tudose
MakeUp: Diana Ionescu
HairStyle: Claudiu Alex Sarghe

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Contemporary designer jewelry fair Autor12


Exquisite hand crafted jewelry  was on show during this weekend at Autor 12  Fair. Standout pieces included black diamonds rings, golden crowns, silver brooches stitched in floss silk thread, silver bracelets and rings with colorful thread sewn on, wood, concrete  and resin rings.

These are my favorite pieces:


















The designers behind these beauties are:

Corina Fakesch – www.corinajewelrydesign.de

Andreea Mogosanu -www.moogu.ro

Iza Visoianu – facebook.com/eneada.design

Irina si Alex – www.buzztard.ro

Amira Jalet – facebook.com/amira.jalet

Rodica Richard

Paul Popa -facebook.com/paulpopaaccessories

Polina Dimitrova – facebook.com/pages/Polina-Dimitrova


Lovely fair! Good job designers, you are very talented!


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Six Month Ibiza Moving Planning Countdown!


Only six month remained until our new Ibiza adventure I do not know if it’s normal but I already began thinking about what should I bring with me there.  A thing that got stuck to my head from my last visit to Ibiza is that I need a new pair of boots. I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing boots in the summer, I think it’s a must have there! So, first thing on my list – a new pair of boots!

Of course I started my search for my perfect Ibiza boot in Mihaela Glavan online shop. I just love her!  I immediately found a few good models to save in my wishlist, some of them are in my dreams for more than a year and some are from her latest collection.

972224b5fc3e2c9a5c173927eb000795 c93ed5b642b7cce5ab4d6d37069ae70f

6a27b51c3ac16c7a6ca021ae9cac6b45 26e798c92125fe8582756424bb1be422

Now I only have to wait for sales :) !


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Marie Ollie dress


This dress is so… me! Love it! 10450940_1459372607636413_4254470583937470959_n What’s your favorite Marie Ollie dress?  You should check their latest collection, it’s fabulous! Share a link from their page with your pick for me to see it. I’m curious to see what you like. I’m sure that I will post on my wishlist at least two other dresses made by them. Stay tuned! Here is their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/marieollie Their website is not ready yet.

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Olivia Palermo and Aquazzura capsule collection

olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo has teamed up with Aquazzura to design a capsule collection that serves as a ‘survival pack’ for every occasion in a woman’s life.  Now, we all know Olivia but maybe not all of us had the pleasure to see Aquazzura collections before.  So, Aquazzura is founded by Edgardo Osorio,  and it is adored for its elegant and glamorous single-sole heels.  Crafted on the outskirts of Florence from the softest leathers and cashmere suede, these flawless designs feature additional cushioning and are proportioned for maximum comfort.

For her capsule collection with Aquazzura, Olivia Palermo looked to designer Edgardo Osorio’s archives and her own wardrobe – a vintage Victorian necklace is the inspiration behind these crystal-embellished sandals. Made in Italy from soft suede, this elegant pair is finished with the brand’s much-loved cushioned insoles. Style yours with a pristine white dress.

These ‘cashmere’ suede pumps have sheer mesh panels and a lightly cushioned insole – they’ll work for the office or post-six cocktails. Style yours with a voluminous coat and skinny jeans.

Curved cutouts flatter the foot, while lace-up ties and light cushioning ensure a confident stride. Wear yours from day to dinner with a sharp jacket and mini skirt. 
462813_in_ppOlivia Palermo’s capsule line for Aquazzura is a collection of shoes every woman needs in her closet. These high-shine mirrored-leather sandals have thin crisscross straps and a lightly cushioned insole. Wear them with a simple top and mini skirt.
As timeless as they are chic, these olive ankle boots are constructed from the brand’s signature ‘cashmere’ suede and finished with a softly pointed toe. Wear them with everything from high hemlines to skinny jeans.

Some of the them are already Sold Out!
This  capsule collection is sold online exclusive on net-a-porter.com.

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Men, autumn is coming!


From an email that I received from Casa Frumoasa, the most representative multi-brand store for luxury men’s clothing, I found out what this new season brings special for our men.

Scabal FW 14 15

Scabal collection for autumn-winter 2014-2015 begins with a completely new approach on suits and jackets cut, maintaining the highest standard of quality fabrics. New Creative Director of  Scabal- Detlev Diehm carefully studied human shoulder function and came up with a new line, which he describes as “an eminently elegant look, relaxed in his own way, using an unobtrusive fashion architecture”.

The single row of buttons style and two side vents remains the most popular, although there is a noticeable increase in the acceptance of the two rows of buttons option, which were constantly sought by connoisseurs in tailoring.
Color is a significant attribute of the new collections, often found in weekend pants and jackets, knitwear and leather accessories. As Scabal accustomed us, everything is coordinated in a full of attention and elegance manner.
Salvatore Ferragamo Men FW 14 15

Salvatore Ferragamo
For the Salvatore Ferragamo collection of  this season, Massimiliano Giornetti explores tactile sensuality of materials and organic quality of color, working on the idea that ​​the purity of tailoring has to stand out and is essential for intrinsic fabric.
The silhouette is accurate and clear, the color palette is organic with unexpected intrusions: beige, cream, sesame, caramel, rust and sage notes contrasting with shades of blue, from Dutch blue  to “midnight blue.”

Loro Piana FW 2014 15

Loro Piana
Loro Piana Italian brand, the most famous producer of cashmere around the world, renowned for rare fibers obtained from Vicuña animal species or lotus flowers, proposed for the new season a variety of colors. The combination of classic and sporty style is found in certain sections of this season, whether it comes from the best cashmere and silk scarves, suede gloves or Japanese silk or cotton shirts.

Santoni Men FW 14 15

Man style presented by Santoni for autumn-winter 2014-2015 collection is a journey through time. Santoni collection for autumn-winter 2014-2015 projections create real and fictional characters which results in a contemporary style enhanced by the power of a shared imagination of the aesthetic.
Santoni male collection for autumn-winter 2014-2015 collection is complemented by two capsule collections. The first has  a black urban style that borrows technological developments of neoprene combined with calf leather and precise cut  military boots . As a natural consequence Active Santoni comes  with  the Clean model  reinterpreting a rubber material with or without associated with neoprene and more accurate options in white, black and gray depicting the real essence of a sports shoe.

Jacob Cohen FW2014 15

Jacob Cohen
Jacob Cohen begins by choosing to campaign for autumn-winter 2014-2015 as  “journey to experience life” .
“The same goes for denim’s journey as it is one of the oldest fabrics and fashion term, given that records of its existence can still be found even in the fifteenth century; not to mention Indigo coloring technique that originated in Asia now more than 4,000 years. While establishing  the fall / winter 2014-2015 campaign, Jacob Cohen decided to continue his photographic journey in search of the deepest emotions, seeking the unusual, and driven by the desire to offer something truly authentic, unique and magical”

They made me curious!



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When I first heard of the new trend in fashion ” normcore ”  I thought it was a joke.  People dressed quite normal, the tourist type,  entering now in the center of attention as the ultimate fashion statement.

No matter how stupid it would seem to me  to call this a trend  it seems to have great success,  a simple search on google brings about 1,100,000 results, and it seems to have become a real movement.

In an Elle.com post called “Why the ‘Normcore’ Phenomenon is a Fraud,”  Lauren Sherman described it as  ’90s retro dressed up in ideological drag.  “Dressing like an uncool dad is in the fiber of hipster culture. It’s just that, until now, the ’70s and early ’80s were the go-to reference point. Now that the ’90s are coming into play, adults who were teenagers during that era distinctly recall living among Jerry Seinfelds clad in white sneakers and ill-fitting jeans.”


Normcore trend  even has it’s own page on Wikipedia:

“Normcore is a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing. The term combines the words “normal” and “hardcore”, and was coined by K-Hole, a trend forecasting group.

Normcore wearers are people who do not wish to distinguish themselves from others by their clothing. This is not to mean that they are unfashionable people who wear whatever comes to hand, but that they consciously choose clothes that are undistinguished – except, frequently, for a highly visible label to impart prestige. The “normcore” trend has been interpreted as a reaction to a fashion oversaturation resulting from ever faster-changing fashion trends.

Normcore clothes include everyday items of casual wear such as t-shirts, hoodies, short-sleeved shirts, jeans and chino pants, but not items such as neckties or blouses. These clothes are worn by men and women alike, making normcore a unisex style.

Clothes that meet the “normcore” description are mainly sold by large fashion and retail chains such as Jack & Jones, Superdry, Esprit and Abercrombie & Fitch. They are generally cheaply produced in East Asian countries. Many other retailers such as Marc O’Polo,Woolrich, Desigual, Closed and Scotch & Soda produce normcore-like clothes combined with individual design ideas”   .  OMG!!!

So if you want to dress normcore look at  Seinfeld for inspiration or click on my Pintrest Normcore board.

Even if it’s a tourist look, if you are a tourist in Ibiza you can’t be normcore you’ll have to put on a killer outfit. Ideas: Hippy, Pirate or a Harlem Globetrotter! See you in Ibiza!



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