Carine Roitfeld

Recentul numar din New York Magazine este dedicat celei care incarneaza Vogue Paris iar in lumea modei este o “anti Anna Wintour”, anti materia opusa materiei si ceea ce e considerat “so american”, un amestec frantuzesc de seducator si vulgar sau jolie laide.
Modul ei de a vorbi este tipic french, o atitudine care la Paris se numeste “sans en avoir l’air” si care nu are nimic de a face cu modestia:
“Some editors, they have that, they know all the designer from the beginning of the nineteenth century. They know this is triple cashmere, this is simple cashmere. Maybe they went to fashion school. Me, I don’t. I just get a feeling about what is exciting. It is all just from feeling. So I don’t know. I think maybe I have a talent.”
Vogue Paris este opusul Vogue USA, nefiind preocupat de a face lookurile purtabile sau accesibile cititorilor, fara sfaturile tipice “how to dress for …”. Strict matematic, Vogue America are 1,3 milioane de ex. iar Vogue Paris 133 000 de ex, se arata in articol.

despre industria modei de azi: “Right now I think that fashion in the world becomes a bit boring. There is so much money, and I feel a bit when you go to shows they want to sell so many handbags, and for me, well, I do not like handbags. I do not wear handbags. It is not a nice look, to carry a handbag.”
Un articol absolut superb despre un personaj hors-norme.
Carine Roitfeld

Sursa: Octavian Sever Coifan

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