Barbara, Her Magnificent Self

I met Barbara in December last year but I did’t get to talk to her at all that night, she seemed nice. Then, I saw her again at a business meeting where, after we all said a couple of words about us and our businesses, when she got up, all the eyes were on her, smiling eyes, waiting in silence for her to talk. I don’t remember what she said but I know that people reacted with laughter and admiration. I felt bad that I did’t knew her better.

When she contacted me for the portrait couture session I got very happy and excited because in the meantime I’ve read a little about her and how she lives to inspire others to choose their freedom, realise the truth of their own Magnificent Self. You can read too on her blog,  Me, My Magnificent Self.  She’s my kind of lady, true, brave, natural,  happy, inspirational, loving and joyful. Look at these photos, am I not right?
The first photo was just a light shoot but I love it so much that I put it in my selection .


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