10 tips to rent an apartment or a house in Ibiza

Everyone is looking for an apartment in Ibiza these days. It’s a year like no other they say.
We found ours after a 10 days search. It took us so much because we have a dog and almost all the adds where with “no mascotas”.

What we did and recommend you to do the same:

1. Decide on the area you want to live, the island is indeed small and you can move easily from one part to another but when is full season it’s not so easy anymore. Also some cities are more party friendly as Ibiza and San Antoni and some more family kind as Santa Eulalia, Santa Gertrudis, San Jordi.

We choose Santa Eulalia because we have a baby and a dog, the beach is close, the town is lived all year and you can find all you need in it’s surroundings.

2. Buy a spanish phone no. I noticed that they answer more often if they see a spanish no.

3. Start your search on the street, look for the adds on the balconies and call.

4. Ask people on the street if they know someone who rents and talk to the doormen, they know everything that moves in the building. You’ll find for sure a lot of nice people! Don’t be shy. All the people we encountered were very kind and willing to help.

5. Read the newspapers – Diario de Ibiza and  De Todo en Ibiza- you can find them in bars. Drink a coffe, read the newspaper and call the no. in the adds. We did this at Que tall in Santa Eulalia because a person on the street recommended us.

6. Call between 10-12 and after 18.

7. Put your add at supermarkets and in bars, where they allow this.

8. Stay with the eyes on FB pages like Ayuda en Ibiza – https://www.facebook.com/AyudaenIbiza

9. Join these FB Pages – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1483767475203053/



10. Ask the Island to help you!

Good luck! If you are meant to be here you will find your place!

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